The Street Survivors A Salute to Lynyrd Skynyrd

Artimus Pyle Live Singing "Sweet Home Alabama"
Willie Stranger - Vocals and Guitars
Formally of Road Kill Willie has played from New York To Texas for 30 years. He has opened shows for many national bands over the years including 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, Blackfoot, Georgia Satellites, Night Ranger, Leslie West, Good Rats & Zebra and many more. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995 and suffered a massive heart attack in Jan. 1997 Willie had to do the better part of a year in physical therapy to play guitar again. "I still can't feel much with the ring finger and pinky on my left hand" but with a lot of work he's back.
After Playing the last five years with Artimus Pyle and The Honkettes Leslie Hawkins & Jojo Billingsley
I feel Blessed, after all I've been through I can honestly say I've lived a dream, and then some.

Marty Dick - Drums and Vocals
Marty's been playing all over the tri state area for years with "Vessel". His big thundering drums are a lot like his big thundering bike, as president of ABATE of Long Island Marty's a busy man, educating and fighting for the rights of bikers all over the state. He still finds time for his first love kicking his drums and playing Lynyrd Skynyrd Sitting next to Artimus Pyle is a Bonus he will never forget. He received a bachelor’s degree in jazz commercial music performance.

Anthony Pierro - Guitar
Of Uncle Fester has joined the ranks of The Long Island Street Survivors. With Uncle fester Anthony works long and hard on the Tri-State circuit. Many years With Fester and has made Anthony the consummate professional. He picks out the harmony's and truly just loves to play guitar.

Todd "The Guitar Man" - Guitars and Vocals
Todd was formally Willie's writing partner in Road Kill and The Almost Brothers Acoustic Band among many other bands. Naturally Willie wanted Todd in this Lynyrd Skynyrd Project but Todd was busy recording and playing solo originals.

Steve Demiere - Piano
I met Steve playing with several Allman Brothers Shows. But I heard his boogie Piano and I knew he played cause he loved it.
The rest as they say is history, a real team player Steve really fit the bill. Been with us ever since!

Paul Gilmore - Bass
So this weekend some one asked me,"What song made you want to play the bass?" It wasn't any song,It was a the sound I had in my head since early on that made want to play bass. As a kid I used to hum the low notes of any piece of music I heard.When I found out that I could make that sound any time I had an outlet an amp and a bass? I hit the note....

Special Guests Fill in Players

Artimus Pyle - Drums

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Drummer Of Lynyrd Skynyrd

The impact of Lynyrd Skynyrd on American rock and roll began with the harmonious blend of guitar driven rock with southern blues roots and can be heard today in the new rock music of the 21st Century. Artimus Pyle’s powerful and distinctive double bass drumming helped define the legendary Skynyrd sound. Artimus’ live debut with the band took place in Jacksonville’s Sgt Pepper’s Club in October 1974. The years Artimus played with Skynyrd were the years that solidified the legend behind the band with classic rock songs such as “Saturday Night Special”; “Gimme Back My Bullets”; “That Smell”; “I Know A Little” and “Freebird”. The band quickly developed into one of the nation’s top touring draws with a grueling schedule of 300 shows a year. During the next few years Lynyrd Skynyrd’s songs became radio staples. Their album, ‘Street Survivors’, had just been released to critical and popular acclaim. The ambitious new tour, just days underway, saw sellout crowds. On October 20, 1977, as the sun was setting in Mississippi, the chartered plane ran out of fuel and fell from the sky.

Leslie Hawkins-Johns & The Late Great Jojo Billingsley-White

Larry Topaz - Bass
Formally of Fat Daddy, for the better part of 20 years Larry's played all over the tri state area. He loves playing his bass as much as he loves riding his Harley, he's a dedicated hard working bass player who's biggest influences in the' 70's were Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and Yes. Now his biggest influences are his daughters Sarah and Monique and his wife Charlotte "We love our families we love our kids, you know its love that makes us all so rich".

George Festo - Guitar
George has been Playing in the Tri-State area and Pennsylvania for years.
He also has played with Artimus, Ed King, Leslie and Jo Jo for years.

Mike - Keys
He received a bachelor’s degree in jazz commercial music performance from Five Towns College. After playing with such acts as Mayhem recording artist Gerald Bair, and Randy and The Rainbows (hit single “Denise” 1963), he went on to work for the Omni pop agency. The grueling schedule he maintained enabled him to fine-tune his skills as a performer. It was in this agency that he met the musicians who eventually became Blooka.